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Logo of Life After Life

Life After Life (1st)

Life After Life solves the problem of unaffordable and unsustainable funeral practices in America through conservation cemetery parks, experience enhancing technology, and community development.

Logo of Progenic Genomics

Progenic Genomics (2nd)

Providing genomic understanding for embryos and their parents. We provide a whole genome assessment of every embryo to IVF patients, prior to implantation.

Logo of Liv Fintech Brazil

Liv Fintech Brazil (3rd)

LIV is a FinTech providing payment services, seeking to strengthen its position on payroll lending to small and medium-sized companies in the hinterlands of Brazil.

Logo of AI-Learners


AI-Learners makes learning easier, personalized, and more fun for kids with learning disabilities through educational math games and data analytics.

Logo of Civility


Civility is a social network connecting people and their local representatives.

Logo of Find My Food

Find My Food

Find My Food is an app that notifies college students of free food on-campus locations.

Logo of Grassroots Granola

Grassroots Granola

With every purchase of our sustainably produced granola bars, we donate a percentage of our revenue to helping local organizations in and around Ithaca--and you get to choose where your money goes!

Logo of Nomad Hut

Nomad Hut

Nomad Hut is a midterm renting platform for remote workers.

Logo of ReLearn


Every college student is searching for connection. ReLearn is designed to automatically build communities around collaboration between students in the classes they’re attending.

Logo of Roblotics


Roblotics creates educational, fun, and inexpensive toys to help kids of all backgrounds gain exposure to computer science and computational thinking with the hopes of sparking a lifelong interest in STEM.

LCL Logo

Every student with a big idea deserves a platform as bold as their vision.

LCL Logo

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