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Logo of QBuddy

QBuddy (tied for 1st)

QBuddy is a platform which forms meaningful friendships by introducing people together and hosting virtual events.

Logo of YayNay

YayNay (tied for 1st)

YayNay revolutionizes constituent engagement, allowing congressional offices to poll and message voters quickly and effectively.

Logo of (3rd)

We develop mobile applications that utilize artificial intelligence and edge computing to provide driving assistance to drivers, generate driving behavior analytics, evaluate driving safety scores, and provide assessments to insurance companies.

Logo of Veggie Cup

Veggie Cup

Veggie Cup is a start-up based in Ithaca, NY with the goal of providing college students and busy professionals with a tasty, healthy, and vegetable rich instant meal option.

Logo of Invictus BCI

Invictus BCI (1st)

Our mission is to create an affordable neuroprosthetic that can restore near natural functionality.

Logo of takk

takk (2nd)

takk is a modern, data-driven software solution that helps schools maximize gifts from alumni, parents, fan bases, and friends.

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Alex McKenzieLCL '19

You can find all the startup information you want online, but LCL's real value-add comes from being able to tap experienced people for their knowledge-base in order to apply those broad principles to your specific scenario. Even though the entrepreneurial scene is largely self-directed, there is so much to be gained from having someone show you the ropes, and the specific skills LCL promotes are immediately applicable in your day-to-day (e.g. pitching, presenting, customer discovery). My venture has developed from what I thought was a fully fleshed out idea to an actually marketable product, my interns have been extremely helpful, and the LCL community is filled with sources of inspiration to pull from - 11/10 would recommend.

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Every student with a big idea deserves a platform as bold as their vision.

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