1st Prize of LCL Summer Incubator 2019

1st Prize of LCL Summer Incubator 2019

Invictus BCI

Our mission is to create an affordable neuroprosthetic that can restore near natural functionality.

2nd Prize of LCL Summer Incubator 2019

2nd Prize of LCL Summer Incubator 2019


takk is a modern, data-driven software solution that helps schools maximize gifts from alumni, parents, fan bases, and friends. The end-to-end digital engagement platform allows fundraisers to call, text, or email constituents, helping create a personal connection between institutions and their constituents. The platform backend allows annual fund directors to easily group prospects, assign groups to fundraisers, track progress towards goals, and download customizable reports. By providing the most cost-effective and efficient solution to a wide range of institutions, takk helps schools increase both accessibility and affordability for all students. By connecting students with alumni networks, takk helps schools instill a spirit of philanthropy across class years.

3rd Prize of LCL Summer Incubator 2019

3rd Prize of LCL Summer Incubator 2019

Scholars in Our Society and Africa (SOSA)

SOSA is a team of visionaries in the business of impacting lives in underprivileged communities locally and globally through education focussed impact projects.


Humans to Humans

We connect university students with entrepreneurs in developing countries to bring their ventures to the next level.


Ithaca Clean Energy

Ithaca Clean Energy enables the digital transformation of renewable energy projects for an efficient and sustainable future.

MicroDot Logo.png


MicroDot is a public benefit corporation serving disadvantaged communities with digital currency. It’s not blockchain, and it’s not crypto. Instead, it’s a way to standardize barter and stimulate growth, with Dots. Dots decrease in value unless spent, which disincentivizes hoarding and promotes spending. Backing Dots in physical assets – goods and services – gives communities the opportunity to convert physical items into a complementary currency that supports the local economy. Backing Dots in labor helps individuals and small businesses get help when they need it most. We accelerate transactions to build communities, allowing you to save your dollars, and spend your Dots.



A lightweight wearable air purifier that will change the air you breathe.


Poloma Analytics

Know the truth immediately with our fact-checking AI.



Solarize is a Cornell-based start-up developing solar attachments for trailers and other mobile vehicles. We started as a project team working with the Cornell Grounds Department to make them a solar trailer. Transportation is a large contributor to humanity’s carbon footprint and we believe that solar is the best solution for this. We are a team of engineers who are passionate about sustainability and want to develop this untapped market of mobile solar. Solarize is run by Cornell students Tameem Jahan and Daniel Pyrek.



thrive revolutionizes the way college students set, measure, and achieve goals by using advances in medicine, psychology, and data science to optimize the self improvement process.


Titan Analytics

Titan Analytics was founded by a group of Cornell undergraduates to help their football team prepare for their football games quicker. Titan Analytics automates football data analytics for teams and scouts. By harnessing the power of machine learning and computer vision Titan Analytics empowers users to identify trends and scout their opponents faster. Learn more at https://www.titansportsanalytics.com/



Zing builds academic networks between students on college campuses by connecting students together who have similar classes, interests, and backgrounds.