LCL works with startups and students year round with its team of highly dedicated engineers, designers, MBAs, JDs, and PhDs. Its network of students represent the numerous Cornell schools and the interests of Cornell’s diverse, creative and influential entrepreneurial offerings.



From further growing their companies to starting new ideas or even finding their place in other startups and companies, LCL alumni have applied the skills they learned in the program to future endeavors. 

Andres Gutierrez | Adler Faulkner | Wisler Charles | Daniel Lambert | Beverly Wallenstein | Annamaria Lookman | Andrew Schmidt | Tiffany St Bernard | Henry Shu | Sean Smirnov | Robert Burns | Meytal Burstein | Jess Portnoy | Mikayla Diesch | Jeffrey Lac Ly | Eric Berg | Alexandra Voinea |  Alexandra Fowler | Adora Nwakno | Kevin Su | Nehal Rawat | Vicky Chou | Anne Carmen Weiss | Kenny Zhou | Andrew Smith | Greta Jenkins | Laura Lin | Reika Sullivan | Sarah Chekfa | Rajesh Bollapragada | Siddant Basnet