LCL works with startups and students year round with its team of highly dedicated engineers, designers, MBAs, JDs, and PhDs. Its network of students represent the numerous Cornell schools and the interests of Cornell’s diverse, creative and influential entrepreneurial offerings.

    • Peter Cortle

    • Pam Silverstein-

    • Jenna Chong-

    • Auston Li

    • Ronald Ho

    • Kaysie Yu

    • Iliana Paleva

    • Lucus Tse

    • Anisha Amurthur

    • Ghali Jorio

    • Christine Muchemu

    • Hayoung Ryu

    • Tuan Dang

    • Sanjida Alam

    • Max Rothman

    • Shiana KuriaKose

    • Aram Baghdassarian

    • Jonathan Epstein

Current Members