“It’s great that there are people in LCL constantly giving me constructive criticism to help me grow my startup — the only way to grow is to receive this type of feedback and support.”

— Juhwan Park, Founder of PuppetPlant (LCL '17)

“LCL has exposed me to the realities of startup life—it can be unpredictable, demanding, and stressful, but it’s also inspiring.”

— Arpit Sheth, Life Changer '15 & Computer Science '17, Cornell Tech '18

“Life Changing Labs has supported me in achieving my goals for Religio with mentorship from LCL alumni, such as Peter Cortle and Michael Raspuzzi. It has also allowed me to meet like minded entrepreneurs, and learn more about raising capital and the importance of partnerships in a business.”

— Peter Cetale, Founder of Religio (LCL '17)

“LCL took a huge weight off my shoulders as a founder. Whether it was helping with the website or editing the term sheet for investors, each member of LCL brings extremely useful skills that helped alleviate a lot of the insane pressure that comes with startups.”

— Micah Green, Founder of Maidbot (LCL '15), Forbes 30 Under 30, Thiel Fellow '17